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[S8E26] Written In The Stars WORK

In 2015, Iginio Straffi, the creator of Winx Club, said that an eighth season would be written but was not in production yet.[2] No details were officially announced until 2018, when it was revealed at the Russia Licensing World Exhibition on February 27 that the eighth season's premiere would not be until 2019.

[S8E26] Written in the Stars

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The Winx Club notices that some of the stars in the sky are disappearing. They determine that the return of Valtor is linked to this strange occurrence. The fairies travel to Lumenia, the Magic Dimension's brightest star and the light source for Stella's home planet of Solaria. Lumenia's queen gives them the power of Cosmix to protect the magical universe's billions of stars. Along the way, the Winx also meet Twinkly; a helpful golden creature who powers the very core of Lumenia.

The Winx reach Valtor's palace to try to defeat it and take the other prime stars. The group attacks the castle attracting the Trix to the outside and, while Bloom, Musa and Tecna face them, Stella, Aisha and Flora take on the appearance of the three witches to try to catch the stars; however, as they try to deceive Valtor, the real Trix return, forcing the Winx to fight against the wizard, who has turned into a gigantic demon monster. After hearing from Bloom that Valtor intends to destroy the Magic Dimension, Icy does not know who to give the prime star in his possession, but in the end she delivers it to the Winx in order to be able, one day, to save Dyamond and her younger sister.

Winx Club employs a serial format, with each episode contributing to the overall storyline. Episodes are written with two stories in mind: the longer narrative arc that lasts for tens of episodes and a subplot which concludes at the end of the 22-minute runtime.[7] This episode structure was modeled on those of teen dramas and American comics.[8]

In 2007, production began on a sequel to The Secret of the Lost Kingdom, before the fourth season had been written.[52] It was released in Italy on 29 October 2010.[53] Its television premiere was on 20 May 2013, on Nickelodeon in the United States.[54]

Sheldon meets the middle-aged Dr. Lorvis who tracked down a flirty pharmaceutical sales rep, Penny. Leonard explains to him that Penny is his fiancée, so he walks away looking sad realizing that Penny only flirts with him for sales. Sheldon invites him inside for a hot beverage. When Penny gets wind of this, she asks Leonard to get rid of him as she cannot communicate with her clients outside of work. Lorvis turns out to be a celebrity urinary specialist with a huge sci-fi memorabilia collection which he invites the men to see. Earlier, Bernadette tells the girls that she has been picked as one of the fifty most beautiful scientists for an article in a magazine. The magazine cancels the article because Amy wrote an email of complaint about the article since they would not have written about handsome male scientists and are objectifying women. Bernadette claims Amy is jealous because she cannot express her sexuality, causing a hurt Amy to storm out. After Sheldon teases that the Penny-Leonard relationship is doomed to fail, Lorvis locks them in his basement to go after Penny again, but at the staircase, he meets Amy and falls in love with her, confusing Penny. When he reveals he locked the men in his basement, Penny proceeds to call him out on his actions as he is acting creepy, and cannot chase every woman that is nice to him. When Leonard realizes that the men are locked in and calls Penny, she and Amy urge Lorvis to help them get the men out; he meets Bernadette, who wants to apologize to Amy, and falls in love with her, too. The women go back to Lorvis' house only to find the men are too busy playing Donkey Kong to notice. To pass the time, Lorvis proceeds to show the women his memorabilia. 041b061a72


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