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Land Gold Women: A Powerful Drama on Honor Killings

Have you ever heard of honor killings? They are acts of violence, usually murder, committed by family members against those who are perceived to have brought shame or dishonor upon their family or community. Honor killings are often motivated by religious or cultural beliefs, such as opposing interfaith or intercaste marriages, rejecting arranged marriages, or engaging in premarital or extramarital relationships.

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According to the United Nations, around 5,000 women and girls are killed every year in honor killings worldwide, but the actual number could be much higher as many cases go unreported or misclassified. Honor killings are a global problem that affects many countries and cultures, including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and others.

One of the first films in English that deals with this issue is Land Gold Women, a 2011 drama written and directed by Avantika Hari, a graduate of the London Film School. The film is produced by Mumbai-based Vivek Agrawal and stars Narinder Samra, Neelam Parmar, Christopher Villiers, Hassani Shapi, Aaron Virdee, Laurence Saunders, and others. The film won Indias National Film Award for Best Feature Film in English in 2012.

Land Gold Women is a powerful and compelling story that explores the complex and controversial topic of honor killings from different perspectives. It shows how a small British Asian family is caught between their traditional past and the tumultuous present when they face a crisis that threatens to tear them apart. It also shows how honor killings affect not only the victims but also the perpetrators, their families, their communities, and society at large.

In this article, we will give you an overview of the plot, themes, messages, reception, and impact of Land Gold Women. We will also tell you how you can watch this movie online for free using legal or torrent options. If you are interested in learning more about this important and relevant issue, read on.

The Plot of Land Gold Women

The film is set in modern Birmingham and revolves around Nazir Ali Khan (Narinder Samra), a soft-spoken professor of history at a university who emigrated from India in the 1980s. He lives with his conservative wife Rizwana (Renu Brindle) and their two children, Saira (Neelam Parmar), 17, and Asif (Ali Zahoor), 14.

Nazir is a loving father who indulges his children's interests in all things English and Western but also feels nostalgic about his roots. He is conflicted when his daughter Saira expresses her desire to go to b70169992d


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