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Pqt Book By Singaravelu !LINK!

in the days of the mughals, singaravelu, being the most senior officer of the police, was in charge of the convicts. the assamese descendants of the convicts who worked on the construction of the agra fort at the time of the emperor akbar, had a prejudice against singaravelu. so, singaravelu was responsible for making sure that the convicts were treated humanely. the convicts were housed in the old agra fort as well as in the new one. the inmates had to work on the construction of the wall of the fort. singaravelu was very careful that no convict was left behind when the time for the start of construction came. the convicts on the other hand worked very hard. a convict who was not able to work continuously, was made to walk back and forth between the wall of the agra fort and the gate of the agra fort.

pqt book by singaravelu

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singaravelu during the post independence period would go to remote places like kasi, jaipur and mussoorie to spread the message of gandhian economics. on one of these visits, singaravelu happened to be in a taxi in mussoorie. the taxi had a radio and that day, the signal from the radio was not clear. singaravelu was trying to get through it by changing the channels, however, he could not. as a result of which singaravelu started shouting and banging the dashboard. at this point, the taxi driver asked him to stop shouting and singaravelu put his hand on his holster to show that he was in uniform and told him that he would shoot him if he did not stop his noise. the taxi driver stopped shouting.singaravelu was a little surprised at this, because he had done nothing to the taxi driver, he asked him, what do you do, he asked. he replied, i am a paanwallah. and then singaravelu told him, go off, and let me have a paan.


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