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Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice (GOG) License Key

if you haven't tried a game in vr yet, the opportunity to try something like hellblade: senua's sacrifice on the oculus rift without spending much money is quite enticing. hellblade: senua's sacrifice will be coming to the oculus rift in early 2018. it is currently in beta testing, and users can download the demo version of the game directly from the official site. head below to download hellblade: senua's sacrifice demo version for pc, ps4, and xbox one.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice (GOG) License Key

Download File:

the developer behind hellblade: senua's sacrifice also created shadow of the colossus, which is known as one of the greatest games of all time. shadow of the colossus was originally released on ps3 and ps4 in japan back in 2005. it was later ported to windows, xbox 360, and os x. it was later ported to ps4 and xbox one in 2014.

while it might not be a great shooter, i was able to look past that to see what a more well-rounded vr experience can be. while i enjoy the more traditional playstyles, hellbladeshows us that vr isnt just for games that require fast reflexes and multiple non-vr controllers. instead, it can be a powerful way to tell dramatic, emotional stories that can be enjoyed through a headset without the need for external controllers.

ninjas theory did a fantastic job making hellblade as accessible as possible, by holding nothing back in order to maintain the experience at its best. even the in-game controls are simple and intuitive, letting players immediately get a feel for the controls and the combat system without having to spend time explaining the basics. the story is engaging and engaging, the motion capture used to bring the character to life is top-notch, and the vr implementation is simply phenomenal. if you have a vr headset and some time on your hands, there is no other reason to not pick it up.


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