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 Support group for survivors, cancer patients, and loved ones of deceased family members that would like to stay involved. 


Support cancer patients through their journey. We provide assistance with financial support, food, wigs, and household help.


Events hosted year-round to raise money for patients receiving treatment.


We collect blankets all year long to donate to those receiving treatments. 



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Donna Mabry

A story of hope and healing after unimaginable encounters in her breast cancer journey.

In 2009, on a day like any other, Donna unknowingly answered a call that would change her future. In the midst of an everyday errand, she answered a call from her doctor and was told the unimaginable news...she had breast cancer. Through uncontrollable tears, she left not knowing if she would be alive a year from then, wondering why

something like that would happen to her - someone who lives a good life, is healthy, is a good mom. Why her? Without being able to answer the 'why' she was diagnosed with Triple Negative 2 Grade 3 Breast Cancer. Coming to terms with her diagnosis was made more difficult through personal challenges, housing changes, and two school-aged children, and 3 weeks later she had a double mastectomy. 

Donna's journey to recovery was not an easy one - following her 7 hour surgery, her arm and fingers were hurting, and the nerves were dying due to damage from the surgery. This presented an even more difficult recovery because losing the loss of her hand meant losing her livelihood as a hair stylist as well - a livelihood that was essential as she was recovering without a partner. In addition to her health and duties as a caring mother, she was now faced with financial uncertainty. Radiation, multiple treatments, over a dozen additional surgeries, infections and many weeks on medications challenged Donna, and after facing the worst of her surgeries, through heartfelt prayers for her to heal and continue raising her children, she was finally able to be released to home care.

While Donna was on her 2.5 year cancer journey, she was blessed with help from so many - a neighbor that opened her home to Donna's family, another woman, who with little of her own, still brought Donna a small donation and prayers every two weeks, a group of young women that delivered her a soft blanket, a lady that simply thought of Donna and brought her homemade carrot juice - even a woman from Nashville that sent a huge box of gifts to Donna's children at Christmas.

Donna is now over 10 years cancer free and celebrating her life through supporting others through their own cancer journeys.


Her story reminds us that through pain there is still hope, and through fear there is still strength, and with love and support, there is healing. 

"I truly could not have made it without the love and support from family, friends, and strangers. The worst days of my life and there was so much love and giving to me and my children. I do not know why, but I do know God wants me to make sure others are supported in their journey." - Donna Mabry, Survivor

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