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Pontiac Performance Part |TOP|

When is comes to tradional Pontiac V8 engines, we manufacture the highest performing parts around. We specialize in making and putting together certain combinations of engines and engineparts that get the utmost power for every dollar spent. If that's a heads up race engineor your standard street rebuild, we take it to the max. We've invested hundreds of thousands of dollars intoour business to build what is needed in the market place. Our commentment is second to nonewhen it comes to the performance of the Pontiac V8 engine.

pontiac performance part


We have done extensive research and development on cylinder heads with a J.K.M. flow bench. We use an in-house Superflow 901 dynomometer to test and maximize every partthat we make. We are the only Pontiac business in the world that has sixCNC machining centers in-house to build aftermarket Pontiac parts. Besides testing on our own race cars, we have a numberof select customers and businesses around the country that assist us in testing our products. Tin Indian Performance and Kauffman Performance are just a couple of many that help us!!!

Our commentment to products are just as important to us as the customers using them. We strive for complete customer satisfaction.We're in the business to deliver parts that win trophies, races and the hearts of true Pontiac hobbiest.

Nitemare Performance is partnering with some of our most trusted component suppliers to put together a high-performance Pontiac crate engine that you could win! All proceeds will go to benefit children's cancer treatment charities.

For even greater more precise handling performance drivers often like to tailor their GTO with the addition of Pedders SportsRyder sway bars. We have a host of both front and rear kits to choose from. The perfect complement to your existing suspension setup, or an ideal first handling mod to wake up your daily driver or track toy!

Finally check out our range of urethane bushings for the GTO. Our Pedders suspension urethane bushings are an ideal final handling setup tuning part for the most discerning GTO driver. We have it all from radius rod bushings, rear diff mounts and rear cross member bushings.

Pontiac in my eyes always offered more flair and sportiness compared to the lesser Chevys, Dodges and Fords in my years growing up in the 70's, 80's and 90's. Not a day would go buy in my childhood when a 60's GTO would go thundering by or a gorgeous 67-69 Firebird was parked next to us in the mall parking lot and these cars always got loads of attention. Even in the 70's and 80's the malls were filled with every example of Pontiac on display and they always were more cool than the plainer Chevys. The Grand Ams of the 70's offered European ride and handling with American power and parts availability and serviceability. From the Sprint 6, to the tri power V8's, Pontiac always offered something a bit more than it's competitors. Even in the late 70's when performance was on the decline, Pontiac still managed to offer something better than it's competitors with a 400/stick in the Trans Am, a 301 4BBL with optional 4 speed stick in the Grand Am, Grand Prix and Lemans with sport suspensions. The 301 turbo was something no one else offered too and kept the T/A abreast of the feebler efferts from Ford and Chrysler even though it wasn't up to it's full pontential. The 1984 Fiero was something no one else in America had and was way ahead of it's time. Who can forget seeing the beautiful black 1977 Trans Am pulling off the truck by Burt Reynolds in Smokey and the Bandit, the 25th Anniversery TA with fortified Grand National V6 turbo power, the 6000 STE, the Sunbird turbo coupe and convertible and the full sized Bonnevilles of the 90's that offered big car room with sporty car handling and zoom with the supercharged 3800 engines. Yes Pontiacs demise was a product of this dreadful decade of the SUV craze, cost cutting bean counters, a big shift to foreign made vehicles, poor quality control and loads of badge engineered mediocre bland products with equally bland medicore meaningless names. Thank you Lutz for destroying a once formidable car company that could so easily have been restored to glory.

I'm sorry, but Pontiac had no reason to exist beyond 1982. Once Chevrolet/generic GM powertrains were going into the cars it was over. Yes, they had their bright moments after that, but hardly anything that couldn't have been rebadged with another GM marque. If anything, Lutz delayed the inevitable with the revived GTO and subsequent G8 (would've sold better as a Chevelle or Caprice) and remarkable Solstice. The Aztek wasn't designed on his watch. I can't think of a single J-Body or FWD A/X-Body produced by ANY GM division...ever...that was in any way equal to, much less superior than its competition. Poor fit/finish, substandard components. They were cars designed by accountants instead of designers, and they are the single biggest reason for Toyota/Honda/Nissan...and Ford's success. Remember GM once had a 53% market share in the US and a lot of positive equity, thanks in good part to Pontiac's '60's successes. But once the badge-engineered bland camel got its nose under the tent, in the form of the 1971 Nova was the beginning of the end.I've stated in previous threads that maybe GM looked at Pontiac Canada with the success of its nakedly badge-engineered Acadians and Beaumonts in the 60's and figured, why not try it in the US? Whatever the reason...something despicable within GM began with the decontenting of the 1960 Corvair, shifted into high gear with the 1971 Vega and metastasized with the X, J and FWD A-Cars, reaching its climax with the unforgivable crossovers-made-from-minivans Uplander/SV6/Terraza, etc. Now GM is finally getting its act together, but the Sloan ideal of "a car for every purse and purpose" is decades past AND MUST BE LEFT THERE. The ideas that previously might have gone into Pontiac should now go to make better-contented Chevies, a marque with global recognition that makes up almost 70% of GM's sales. Bottom line, instead of bemoaning Pontiac's passing, be thankful you got to see it at all. Had it not been for Pete Estes/Bunkie Knudsen/John DeLorean/Jim Wangers AND a GM structure that, however flawed (AMA ban, anyone?!), enabled them to work their magic...Pontiac would've joined its Ford (Edsel) and Chrysler (DeSoto) contemporaries atop the scrap heap of history after the recession of '58.

From high-end restorations to enhancing the performance of race machines and exotic sports cars, the engine and performance division of Prefix is always involved with wild and interesting vehicle projects. Our wide-ranging capabilities means most everything can be handled under one roof. In addition, this talented and experienced team provides engine design, engineering, development and testing for OEMs, professional race teams, and specialty industry projects.

The performance team at Prefix has the expertise and equipment required to complete vintage restorations, resto-mods, and custom specialty vehicles. Everything from fabrication, engine performance, interior trim, aftermarket accessories, and show car paint and finishing.

The Prefix team provides experienced engine design, engineering, development, and testing for OEMs, professional race teams, and specialty industry projects. This department includes a variety of high-level analytical tools and measurement systems, as well as extensive engine rebuild and testing equipment.

Stock replacement GM Slave Cylinder & Throwout / Release Bearing for 2004-06 Pontiac GTO, LS1 or LS2 Engine, Part #24264183. Formerly GM #92067762. If you're removing the transmission for any reason, make sure you replace the slave cylinder while you've got everything apart. The weak link in the factory hydraulic setup is the master cylinder, so there is no need to upgrade your slave - just keep it fresh. Now is a great time to upgrade to our Tick Performance Remote SPEEDbleeder Line, as well!

You've got two choices when it comes to replacing the slave cylinder. You can go with this factory GM replacement for GTO (which includes the correct fitting to accept the stock GTO connection elbow) or purchase a 2001+ LS1 F-Body style slave cylinder for less money and swap your fittings off of your original slave onto your new one during the install. The F-Body (Camaro or Firebird) part number is 24264182. Both slave cylinders include throwout bearing, choose whichever works with your budget the best. Both are GM quality - don't trust an aftermarket slave cylinder!

Option Guide: Do I need a Slave Cylinder Shim Kit (3 Pack)?When replacing any clutch or slave cylinder in any newer GM performance application, proper geometry is key to a high-functioning, quick shifting setup. You absolutely should measure to see if a shim is necessary - every single time! Having this Clutch Slave Cylinder Shim Kit on hand during your install will make sure you aren't held up if during your measurement, you do find that a shim is necessary. You can see read all the details about shim measurement on the product page, here.

Looking to improve or repair your classic Pontiac GTO or Firebird muscle car, your newer G or many other fine Pontiacs , then you are in the perfect place to find what you need at a competitive price, great customer service and free shipping. The Team at LMPerformance knows you are understandably selective in your search for the performance aftermarket exhaust upgrade you crave so we have provided you with a myriad of possibilities from the preeminent manufacturers of performance exhaust systems. Manufacturers like the inimitable KOOKS, who have been making the highest quality & best performing Custom Stainless Steel headers and exhaust systems on the market since 1962 and are one of the pioneers in the stainless steel header revolution. Choose from Exhaust Systems with Off-Road X-Pipes , GREEN CATTED X-Pipes, or CATTED X-Pipes for your iconic Firebird or an Axle-Back Exhaust for your Pontiac G8, or a stainless steel complete exhaust system for your GTO that connects to Kooks Mid-Pipes and Factory OEM Exhaust. Headers and Mid-Pipes can be purchased separately and include: Long tube Headers from KOOKS for your Pontiac G8, GTO and Firebird; or SHORTY Headers with GREEN CATTED Connection Pipes and CATTED Connection Pipes for your Pontiac G8; or Mid-Pipes purchasable as Off-Road X-Pipes, GREEN CATTED X-Pipes, and CATTED X-Pipes for the G8 and as Off-Road Y Pipes and CATTED Y-Pipes for your Firebird. Also available and manufactured with the same superlative quality as the complete Exhaust System are Header Connection Pipes for your GTO AND G8 in Off-Road Connection Pipes, GREEN CATTED Connection Pipes, CATTED Connection Pipes. 041b061a72


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