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Buy Knives Online

Regardless of your style, we have the knife to match your needs. Our online knife store also carries an array of other products such as flashlights, bags and gear, pens, shaving and accessories, eyewear and much more!

buy knives online

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Our extensive inventory includes some of the most cutting-edge releases in the industry, including custom knives you will want in your collection. In addition, we also offer a vast array of other outdoor-related products. So, whether you are a collector or an avid outdoor sportsman, we have you covered for the knives and other accessories you want.

As knife enthusiasts, we are committed to providing you with the customer service you deserve. If you have any questions about our inventory, our team is happy to answer your questions and help you get the perfect knives and other products you need.

Welcome to your resource for all things cutlery, shaving, and security. Since 1995 the Knife Center has been giving you the best "Old Fashioned" service. Buy knives by browsing from over 20,000 products, including pocket knives for every use, outdoor, camping, and survival knives. If you are a Swiss Army Knife fan, don't miss our selection of Swiss Army Knives, multitools and kitchen cutlery from Victorinox, or kitchen knives from Henckels, Wusthof and more. We also offer the finest Custom Made Knives and Semi-Custom Made Knives on the web!

Online knife retailers now offer a much richer and comprehensive shopping experience. They include text to explain the product, pictures to see the knife from different angles and even videos to demonstrate some of the uses of the knife. It allows people to look over many products from the comfort of their own home. That said, buying knives online should be done with proper guidance and research which we have laid out below.

In this privacy policy, we describe how your data is processed when you visit our website, make purchases in our online store, register for the Marttiini Club or want to join our newsletter mailing list.If you have any questions about this privacy policy or the processing of your personal data or you wish to exercise your rights, please contact: Marttiini OyTehtaantie 217200 VääksyFinland

FOR WHAT PURPOSES DO WE PROCESS YOUR PERSONAL DATA?We collect and process your personal data for predetermined purposes of use. These purposes of use include situations in which you visit our website, order products from our online store or contact us via different communication channels.

We primarily collect personal data from you. We receive most of the data directly from you while you are shopping at our online store or registering for the Marttiini Club, for example. We also process technical device and log data that is collected automatically when you use our online service. These data include your IP address and the time stamp of your visit.

Generally speaking, your personal data is processed according to the following principle: If we ask you to provide personal data, you can decide what personal data you wish to share with us. However, in some cases, we require your personal data to offer our services. If you make purchases at our online store, we need your name and contact details in order to deliver your shopping.

DO WE TRANSFER YOUR PERSONAL DATA OUTSIDE OF THE EUROPEAN ECONOMIC AREA?Marttiini Oy may receive and transfer personal data to the United States in order to perform the online store services executed on the website in cooperation with our contractual partners located in the United States.

Our handy folding knives are ideally suited for outdoor activities. The design of the folding knives combine Marttiini's traditions, modern design, and excellent ease of use. There are no such things as too sharp and too handy.

My perspective has changed with several of the vendors below because prior to the research, I did not think I could wrap my tiny brain around them all. Aside from just breaking them down into two camps of either the in-store retail shop experience to the online companies, I wanted to go a step further. This time around I reached out to every Japanese knife vendor, and I experienced first-hand what sets them apart.

These specialists include the sellers to the highly skilled individuals who service our knives, which is why I will only promote these specialized businesses (65% of their business is Japanese chef/kitchen knives).

German to Japanese knives both have their distinctive attributes. Attributes that are likened to a straight, double-edged European knightly swords, to a curved, single-edge Japanese samurai swords. Knowing those differences is what Japanese kitchen knife specialists know all about. While the rest of us debate the important stuff such as who would win, a samurai or knight?, Superman or Thor?, or Star Wars or Star Trek?

Since several of these companies are international, I start with an email inquiry and document the time it takes to get a response. I do that because buying online can be very sketchy, especially if you are not familiar with the seller. It makes not knowing worse when you have an issue, and you are now making a mad scramble to find their phone number, an email address, or even better, a physical address, to at the very least, a P.O. Box.

The vast majority who did not respond were all online small businesses, and one was a big-box retailer. The ones that did come through were also a few of my favorites from my brief yet revealing correspondence (even parents have favorites).

Although purchasing a product online is much easier and hassle free, still there is a major drawback while purchasing a product on an online market place. The inability of the customer to see, feel and judge the product physically is something that online buyers have to be content with. In such scenario, it becomes more important for the customer to be extra cautious, when it comes to paying for the product. One should be careful of any online retailer that asks for upfront payment for ordering a particular product. In all the probability, the retailer is trying to dupe you. However, if everything looks good, ask the retailer for a signed contract with the details of the knife along with a fixed delivery date mentioned in it.

Most of the knife manufacturers sell their products only through their own stores or through the established retailers (Online or Physical store). A research on the authenticity of the retailer also goes a long way to save your day from a fake product. Be sure to purchase a product only from the well-established and reputable online retailer to ensure you get the knife that is 100% original. For instance, Knife Country USA is one such online retailer that has been helping the customers make a better, well-informed choice for decades. Both the branded manufacturer and the quality-seeking customers have repeatedly put their trust into this online store, making it one off the foremost online knife retailers.

There are a number of knives out there that have a distinct wow factor to them. It may even be difficult to choose between them, however, what you can do is buy reverse tanto flipper knives online. This style looks like a pocket tank and is utterly awesome.

Off-Grid Knives offers a reverse tanto, the OG-780 Seadog. Made from AUS-8 steel, it has a razor edge and was cryogenically treated using liquid nitrogen. This exact same method is used by the US military to provide extra strength and durability to the blades. This treatment provides additional wear resistance and edge retention, perfect for those who intend to use their knives hard.

Bohler M390 knives are an excellent blend of strength and toughness, perfect for most. This steel is great for outdoor use, and for those who are looking for a tough everyday carry that will last.

Buying combat knives commercially has become more common for civilians over the years. As both U.S. military personnel choose to purchase one for personal use, and civilians wish to have a tried and tested knife at hand, these knives have become more available.

While many combat knives are fixed, there is a growing number of folding knives available. These have not been as extensively field tested as the fixed knives have, though in some instances the military has had input in the design of the folding knife. The length of the blades vary, and in a fixed blade, the knife length is anywhere from three to twelve inches.

Just as the length of the blade varies, so does the material used to make the knives. While some may be fully stainless steel, others can be carbon, and some are mixed between the two. A little more carbon than you would see in standard stainless steel is normal, as these knives require a fair bit of hardness. Since the blades are usually thicker, any brittle effects are negated.

Combat knives have been field tested by the armed forces for decades. Most military knives have been in use since the 80s, and are still going strong because the benefits vastly outweigh any negative aspects.

NAPPEN: If the law-abiding collector does not give up his or her constitutional rights and has taken the above measures, that person and their knives will have significant added protection from an unjust prosecution and property confiscation. The best way to avoid becoming a victim of anti-knife laws is to avoid being arrested in the first place and being prepared if you are arrested.

At present, the two acts covering knife laws in the UK: the Criminal Justice Act 1988 and the Knives Act 1997. Online retailers should familiarise themselves with these two pieces of legislation as they apply to both purchases made in physical stores as well as online.

With the penalties for non-compliance severe, online knife retailers need to understand how they are expected to comply with UK knife laws so their verification measures are deemed adequate in a worst case scenario. 041b061a72


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