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XLNTSOUND ? In Your House! (WAV)

XLNTSOUND In Your House! (WAV)

If you are looking for a sample pack and a serum preset pack that can help you create hybrid house, G house, and bass house music, you might want to check out XLNTSOUND In Your House! (WAV). This pack contains over 500 massive samples and 100 serum presets in the style of these genres, as well as a project file for Ableton 10. In this article, we will review some of the features and contents of this pack and see how it can inspire your next house track.


XLNTSOUND is a company that produces high-quality sound design products for electronic music producers. They offer sample packs, preset packs, tutorials, courses, and more. Their products cover various genres such as dubstep, trap, future bass, riddim, house, and more. They also have a YouTube channel where they upload free tutorials, tips, and tricks for music production. Some of their popular products include Cartel Vol. 1 & 2, Riddim Riot Vol. 1 & 2, Future Bass Vol. 1 & 2, and Dubsauce.

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What is In Your House! (WAV)?

In Your House! (WAV) is one of the latest products from XLNTSOUND. It is a hybrid house sample pack and a serum preset pack that contains over 500 samples and 100 presets in the style of hybrid house, G house, and bass house. These genres are characterized by heavy basslines, groovy drums, vocal chops, and catchy melodies. Some of the artists that inspire this pack are Malaa, Tchami, Joyryde, Matroda, Brohug, Loge21, and more.

What are the contents of In Your House! (WAV)?

In Your House! (WAV) has a lot of content to offer for house music producers. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Drums: The pack contains 290 drum samples that include claps, crashes, rides, hi-hats, kicks, percs, shakers, snares, and toms. The drums are punchy, crisp, and well-processed to fit any house track.

  • Foley: The pack also includes 51 foley samples that can add some organic and natural sounds to your tracks. The foley samples range from keys, coins, bottles, cans, paper clips, scissors, and more.

  • FX: The pack has 36 FX samples that can help you create transitions and build-ups in your tracks. The FX samples include downlifters, impacts, risers, sirens, sub drops, and sweeps.

  • Loops: The pack offers 99 loops that can give you some inspiration and ideas for your tracks. The loops include buildup loops, full loops, percussion loops, and top loops. The loops are catchy, groovy, and energetic.

  • One Shots: The pack features 87 one-shot samples that include basses, brasses, and vocals. The basses are heavy, distorted, and wobbly. The brasses are bright, loud, and powerful. The vocals are chopped up and processed to create catchy hooks and phrases.

  • Serum Presets: The pack contains 100 serum presets that include arps, basses, chords, growls, leads, and plucks. The presets are designed to create hybrid house sounds that are fat, dirty, and melodic. The presets also come with custom wavetables that add some extra character and uniqueness to the sounds.

  • Ableton 10 Project File: The pack also includes an Ableton 10 project file called "Run That" that showcases how to use the samples and presets in a full track. The project file is well-organized, mixed, and mastered. You can learn from it, modify it, or use it as a template for your own tracks.

How to get In Your House! (WAV)?

If you are interested in getting In Your House! (WAV), you can purchase it from the XLNTSOUND website. The pack is currently on sale for $74.99, down from $99.99. You can also listen to some demos and previews of the pack on their website or on their SoundCloud . You can also watch some tutorials and reviews of the pack on their YouTube channel.


In Your House! (WAV) is a great pack for house music producers who want to create hybrid house, G house, and bass house tracks. The pack has a lot of content and quality to offer, and it can inspire you to make some bangers for the dancefloor. If you are a fan of XLNTSOUND or house music in general, you should definitely check out this pack and see what it can do for your music.


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