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[S4E5] A Family Way

At the B&B, Bess makes a snarky remark about Joey being up all night. Joey calls her out. And right there in front of what looks like paying guests at the table, they get into a family dispute about Joey having sex.

[S4E5] A Family Way

Michael Adams of 411mania rated the episode with 8/10. "...when it comes to this year's Halloween episode, it wasn't bad at all. It was definitely not better than its predecessor, but it's hard to beat the original. I liked that there was 3 different story lines for this episode instead of a big family episode; it gave each family more to do and the ability to highlight their own Halloween. All in all, the episode was worth the year long wait."[6]

Dom was unhappy even before Darlene used swiped her FBI card, but Darlene's actions have put her family's lives at stake. Dom knows Dark Army have been cleaning up after themselves, so the moment they no longer need her, she'll disappear.

While we're on the subject of annoyances, it would be remiss to hold back on Kayce's family. They're gone. Monica is looking at houses. She seems oblivious to the small smile that Kayce has plastered on his face showing his waning interest.

I can't be the only person who sees Kayce's smile as a kind of regret for what's to come. As Monica prattles on about houses and Tate FINALLY chows down on some breakfast with relish, Kayce seems resigned to the fact that his nuclear family will never be what he's dreamed.

Kayce thought he could just walk away from the family. Recent years have proven he cannot. He also hoped that Monica and Tate would be a part of it once he made his way back to the family. Now, that is no longer the case, either.

The irony is that she cannot stand John and the Duttons, practically classifying them as evil. Would she turn the other way since Garrett is a conniving criminal who ordered hits on the family? Is THAT considered a good evil because his target was the Duttons?

Thankfully, he's got family, and in particular, Beth, to keep him whole. They're kindred spirits, and as much as John can get uncomfortable with his daughter's openness, the relationship they've built is one-of-a-kind, just like Beth.

On the other hand, Jen will meet Rishi's family under the false pretense that she has just moved to Jaipur and not as his fiancé. Rishi's parents will find it weird that Jen wanted to meet them, who kept asking questions about finding prospective brides for Rishi.

However, one of Rishi's friends will warn Jen that his family will get him married in an arranged setting, which makes the latter realize that lying to Rishi's family is not a good idea in this situation.

Last week on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Jeymi told Kris that she was allergic to mint and was going to undergo a serious neck surgery, after which her skull would be supported by rods for a year. Nicole met Mahmoud's family members and got worried that all of her problems were just as she first left Egypt.

Lucia wakes up startled in the Rocinante's med bay, alongside a recovering Naomi, and Alex reassures her that she is safe. She worries about her family and Murtry's threats against them, but they tell her that Holden will ensure their safety.

On Earth, Avasarala receives footage of the waking protomolecule ruins and orders for them to be kept under wraps to avoid mass panic. Her campaign manager has her do a mock interview, facing her husband Arjun, to work on her image, but she gets frustrated very quickly as she doesn't care about the minor political and administrational issues while chaos unleashes on Ilus. Her manager wants her to look more approachable, like a caring family matriarch, which enrages Avasarala and prompts her to send everyone away. Arjun reasons with her that the manager is trying to help, as this is Avasarala's first election and she needs people to like her.[2]

On Ilus, Jakob asks Holden where his family is. Holden replies that Lucia is safe in the Rocinante, but doesn't know where Felcia is. Holden walks into the saloon where the Belters are congregated, and tries to persuade Carol Chiwewe to evacuate, but she points out that if the Belters leave Ilus, Murtry will never let them return.

On the Rocinante, Naomi is enjoying floating freely in space when she gets a call from Dr. Sarkis asking her to share surface data from Ilus with him. Naomi is at first reluctant, saying that Sarkis's boss Murtry was trying to kill her some hours ago, but Sarkis replies that Murtry is not his boss, and that he is "kind of an ass". Naomi is convinced and sits down to help him. Meanwhile, Alex picks up a call from Jakob, who is furious and demands to talk to Lucia. He yells at her, asking if she knows where her daughter is, and is very displeased when he learns that Lucia was part of blowing up the shuttle landing pad. She retorts that her choices were not easy, but someone had to fight to protect them, but Jakob tells her that the RCE is rounding them up to leave, their new beginning has been stained by death and violence, their daughter is missing and their family is fractured. Lucia begs him to fight back and not let them lose the settlement after all she's done to protect their claim, but Jakob replies that all her horrible actions have accomplished is to ruin the last thing they had left. He hangs up and she starts to cry, before realizing that she is bleeding heavily.[4]

Naomi visits Lucia in the med bay and starts to clean the blood off her face. Lucia says she didn't deserve to be saved, and Naomi smiles, pointing out that moments ago she was lecturing Holden about letting people make their own choices, yet now she won't let Lucia choose to die. She tells Lucia that she has been in shoes before: She was young, met a boy with a crazy plan and wrote a code that could hack into reactor controls, with the idea that they could turn off the reactors, let them get adrift and rescue them for a price. It would get them money, and it wouldn't look like piracy, because the ships would be grateful for being saved. Her smile fades as she says that was the story the man told her, but it wasn't the truth. The first ship they used the code on was the Augustin Gamarra. The man she loved, and father of her child, used her code to blow up the ship, killing 516 people. Lucia says it's not the same, as Naomi was tricked, while she chose to do what she did. Naomi replies that she chose not to see what kind of man her lover was until it was too late, and when she left him, he took her son away from her. Naomi confesses she almost killed herself, and Lucia doesn't understand why she's telling her this story. Naomi replies that she built a new family and, unexpected though it is, she loves her family and they love her back, and she has a life that she likes living. Lucia laments that she hasn't had that in years, and Naomi tells her she can't stop her if what Lucia wants is to die, but that if she wants to live, there is a path from where Lucia is now to where Naomi is. She and Alex bought Lucia a little more time. Now she gets to decide what to do with it.[8]

Rick, meanwhile, is dealing with his own moral struggle, having kicked Carol to the curb for the sake of the group. Maggie (Lauren Cohan) agreed with his decision, and Hershel seemed to, but we'll have to wait and see how the others react, especially Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Tyreese (Chad L. Coleman). Rick had only a little time to reflect on his decision, however, as the horde of Walkers outside the prison managed to topple the fence and break through. Rick and Carl (Chandler Riggs) engaged in a fun family shootout by mowing down dozens if not hundreds of Walkers; logic forces one to wonder why they didn't just do that earlier when the Walkers were safely lined up along the fence, but what are you going to do.

Claire has overdone it in Halloweens past and the neighbors definitely don't share her enthusiasm, so this year she's being forced to tone it down and keep it "family-friendly" and Phil has an idea to hold an open house on Halloween night. Meanwhile, Mitch and Cam host a costume party while contending with Lily wondering who her real mom is, and Gloria's pregnancy hormones are on overdrive, making her even more hotheaded than usual.

Much to Claire's disappointment, the Dunphys halloween decorations did not have a horror theme this year as they had to keep the decorations more "family-friendly". Actually, a neighborhood petition banned it. She couldn't even carve a pumpkin (the petition was very specific). Given she scared a lot of kids last year...and gave one parent a heart attack by conveying to pull her heart out using professional-grade makeup.

At Mitch and Cam's, they were throwing a party, Cam was beside himself because nobody could see he lost weight under the bull costume, resorting to 'flashing' everybody (not in a perverted way) so they could see his body, and Lily suddenly spotted her mommy. Actually, she spotted someone in a princess costume and Mitch had to explain that wasn't her mommy. But later on, Lily told the princess her mommy was one, too, and now Cam wants to know what's going on. Mitchell finally admitted the truth, and Cam brushed it off quickly. Mostly because he's told a few tall tales himself. They decide to tell Lily the truth, that they don't know where her real mommy is. But they convinced her her mommy wanted to put Lily with the most loving family she could, and she did.

Deep into previews, Bree continues to work on revising the ending to her play. Kevin and Sarah discuss starting a family and learn they both have different thoughts on just how many kids to have. Emma tries to clear the air with Trace after she revealed that the only reason Mark wanted to sign her was to get Trace back on the road. Trace opens up about his trouble trusting others. Emma says she cares about Trace and he invites her to grab lunch.

Juliana jumps right back into the Resistance. She discovers that Helen spent a year in the Neutral Zone and thinks there might be an exploitable crack in her marriage. The way to John Smith is through his wife and Juliana wants to try. Smith has put extra security on his family, including a specially trained wife-companion to shadow Helen on her outings. Helen is not exactly happy about this, but now with someone keeping watch, it will be harder to get to her. 041b061a72


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