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Barnes Noble Unveils A Charging Dock And Keyboard Cover For The Latest Nook __TOP__

Barnes and Noble sells e-ink readers, but also, it offers NOOK Tablets powered by Android. These are superior to Amazon's Fire tablets, as NOOK has Google Play support. In other words, Barnes and Noble's tablets have access to all the popular apps you will want. Today, timed perfectly for the upcoming holiday shopping season, Barnes and Noble announces its latest tablet. This new NOOK Tablet has a big 10.1-inch screen. In addition to being a consumption device, the company apparently thinks it can be used for productivity -- it will sell an optional keyboard cover for it.

Barnes Noble unveils a charging dock and keyboard cover for the latest Nook


"The NOOK 10.1-inch is a lightweight tablet with 32 GB of storage space for building an extensive digital library. The tablet also has multi-function use, including a front and rear camera, headphone jack, Bluetooth capability, and pogo pins to easily connect to a NOOK keyboard or a NOOK charging dock. NOOK customers will also notice an updated user experience on the NOOK 10.1-inch, with a custom home screen with easy access to your current reads and recent purchases, and an improved NOOK Bookstore and Library," says Barnes and Noble.

If you'd like to pre-order the NOOK Tablet 10.1, you can do so here. Of course, if you'd prefer to try it before you purchase, the physical brick and mortar B&N stores should have them on display later this month. Besides the keyboard cover, the company will also sell an optional charging dock too. 350c69d7ab


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