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Microsoft Plus! For Windows XP [Old Version]

Microsoft Plus! for Windows XP [Old Version]

Microsoft Plus! was a series of enhancement products for Microsoft Windows operating systems. The first edition was released in 1994 for Windows 95, and the last edition was the SuperPack for Windows XP in 2004. In this article, we will focus on the Microsoft Plus! for Windows XP [Old Version], which was launched alongside the Windows XP operating system on October 25, 2001.


This version of Microsoft Plus! was created to show off the enhanced capabilities that Windows XP presented with its updated Windows Media Player and DirectX 3D core technologies. It included various features such as themes, screen savers, games, and utilities. Some of the features were:

  • Plus! Themes: Aquarium, Nature, da Vinci and Space.

  • Plus! Screen Savers: Aquarium, Nature, da Vinci, Space, Robot Circus, Sand Pendulum, Mercury Pool and Plus! My Pictures Premium screensaver.

  • Plus! Voice Command for Windows Media Player: A speech recognition feature that allowed users to control the playback of music and videos by voice commands.

  • Plus! Personal DJ: A feature that created playlists based on the user's preferences and mood.

  • Plus! MP3 Converter: A utility that converted audio files to MP3 format.

  • Plus! CD Label Maker: A utility that created labels and inserts for CDs and DVDs.

  • Plus! Speaker Enhancement: A feature that improved the sound quality of speakers by adjusting the frequency response and adding spatial effects.

  • Plus! 3D Visualizations for Windows Media Player: Oddworld: Munch's Odyssee, Maxx's Kingdom and Plus! Undersea Wonders.

  • Plus! Skins for Windows Media Player: Aquarium, Nature, da Vinci and Space.

  • Plus! Hyperbowl: A 3D bowling game that featured different lanes and environments.

  • Plus! Russian Square: A Tetris-like puzzle game.

  • Plus! Labyrinth: A 3D maze game.

The Microsoft Plus! for Windows XP [Old Version] had an initial cost of US$39.95. It was later replaced by the Microsoft Plus! Digital Media Edition for Windows XP in 2003, which focused more on digital media applications such as photo editing, video editing, and DVD burning. The Microsoft Plus! SuperPack for Windows XP in 2004 combined both versions into one product.

The Microsoft Plus! product line was discontinued and replaced by Windows Ultimate Extras in Windows Vista. These were optional features that could be downloaded by users of the Ultimate edition of Windows Vista. However, they were criticized for being few and late in delivery.

The Microsoft Plus! products were generally well-received by users and critics, as they added fun and functionality to the Windows operating systems. They also showcased the potential of the new technologies and features that Microsoft developed. The Microsoft Plus! for Windows XP [Old Version] was one of the most popular editions, as it enhanced the user experience of the widely used Windows XP operating system.

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