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Fitter Trade Theory Balbir Singh Pdf Download

Fitter Trade Theory Balbir Singh Pdf Download

Fitter Trade Theory is a book that covers the theoretical and practical aspects of the fitter trade, which is one of the most popular trades in the industrial sector. The book is written by Balbir Singh, a renowned author and expert in the field of fitter trade. The book is divided into two parts: Fitting Siddhant and Fitter Trade Practical.

Fitting Siddhant: Fitter Trade Theory

Fitting Siddhant: Fitter Trade Theory is the fifth edition of the book that provides a complete coverage for the four-semester fitter trade course offered by ITIs and ITCs across the country, as per the latest revised syllabus of 2017. The book offers step-by-step explanation of theory and application with crisp and clear diagrammatic representation. The book covers topics such as hand tools, measuring instruments, marking tools, cutting tools, drilling machines, grinding machines, lathe machines, milling machines, shaping machines, welding machines, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, maintenance, and technical English. The book also includes contemporary topics such as 5s, soft skills, and metric vernier outside micrometer. The book also provides supplementary learning material such as practice questions, MCQs, model question/answers, and sample question paper.

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Fitter Trade Practical

Fitter Trade Practical is the second part of the book that covers the practical exercises and skills required for the fitter trade. The book follows the NSQF level 5 syllabus on trade practical and provides detailed instructions and illustrations for each exercise. The book covers topics such as fitting operations, drilling operations, turning operations, milling operations, shaping operations, welding operations, pneumatic and hydraulic operations, maintenance operations, and trade projects. The book also provides safety precautions, tips and tricks, common errors and remedies, and assessment criteria for each exercise.

How to Download the Book?

The book Fitter Trade Theory by Balbir Singh is available in both print and digital formats. The print version can be purchased from any authorized bookstore or online platform. The digital version can be downloaded from Google Books or Bharat Skills. The digital version is compatible with any device that supports PDF format. The digital version also has some advantages over the print version such as easy accessibility, portability, searchability, zoomability, and bookmarking.

Why to Read the Book?

The book Fitter Trade Theory by Balbir Singh is a comprehensive and authoritative guide for anyone who wants to learn or master the fitter trade. The book is suitable for students, instructors, trainers, apprentices, workers, supervisors, managers, engineers, and technicians who are involved in the fitter trade. The book is also useful for anyone who wants to prepare for competitive exams such as NCVT/SCVT/NCVT-MIS/CITS/CITS-ATI/CITS-CTI/CITS-DTET/CITS-NIMI/CITS-NITTTR/CITS-NSDC/CITS-NSQF/CITS-QCI/CITS-RPL/CITS-SDI/CITS-SKILL INDIA etc. The book is written in simple and easy language with clear diagrams and examples. The book is updated with the latest syllabus and industry standards. The book is designed to provide both theoretical knowledge and practical skills that are essential for the fitter trade.


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